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Life Back Clinic is one of the most experienced chiropractic clinics in treating patients with Cold Laser therapy in the USA. Dr. Ben ODell has received first hand training with the FDA on which therapies make the laser most effective and how to properly combine them. At Life Back Clinic our mission is to offer every patient pain relief as safely and quickly as possible.

Life Back Cold Laser WaveTherapyTM is an effective way to improve nerve function, heal wounds faster, accelerate tissue repair and stimulate cell growth. It is an anti-pain analgesic, and an anti-Inflammation treatment by nature. With the use of Life Back Cold LaserTM and other prescribed therapies, we routinely get fabulous results. It is a joy to see severe back and body pain relieved and hope restored with natural pain free treatments.

Laser has become mainstream treatments in healthcare today. It is used in corrective eye surgery, within the operating room for cauterization, and even the dental industry has laser drills available! With these advancements, science fiction has become science fact.

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“I couldn’t do anything.”
After many years of severe pain in my lower back, I finally go to the point where I couldn’t do anything. I broke down and went to see a spine specialist. I was given injections in my back, none of which lasted more than a week and a half. The next step for me was surgery which I was told may or may not work. At that point, I de- cided to call
Dr. O’Dell. I felt relief from the very first visit. I was waiting for the pain to come but it never did. Since then, I keep getting better with each visit.
I highly recommend this kind and caring man.
-Karen Flynn Colchester, Il