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While earning my doctorate degree in Kansas City, Missouri, I had the privilege of studying in the 63rd street building. There, the FDA was conducting a pilot study for the use of laser as a therapeutic modality. This was years before it was legal for anyone else outside the study to do. I was taught the most effective techniques used for various conditions.

Because of this unique experience I am well trained to help you or give your options you may have not been informed of. Since I learned directly from the FDA pilot study, I am among the most experienced at Cold Laser therapy in the USA. I have received first hand which therapies make the laser most effective and how to properly combine them. You too may have an effective and unique experience at our clinic, that will be skillfully and care- fully prescribed to offer pain relief as quickly as possible. Of course this does not work for everyone this is why I offer a Free consultation to see if it is right for you.

With use of Life Back Cold LaserTM and other prescribed therapies, we routinely get fabulous results. Don’t take my word for it, read the personal testimonials from my patients as a witness. It is a joy to see severe back and body pain relieved and hope restored with natural pain free treatments.

Laser has become mainstream treatments in healthcare today. They are used in corrective eye surgery, within the operating room for cauterization, and even dentistry now have laser drills available! With these advancements, science fiction has become science fact.

See for yourself why my patients feel we are not like anything out there! This is why your first treatment is free. Give yourself a chance and see if you too can have hope.