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Whats happening to me and why does my back hurt?

There are many reasons that pain begins to develop in the spine. Current statistics on back pain and Sciatica (numbness and tingling pain felt in the legs) reveal that millions of people are living and suffering from the very same painful symptoms. It’s easy to feel intimidated, or even give up on solving back pain, but it is possible to use new approaches like the Life Back Cold Laser protocaltm, combined with other innovations to achieve great levels of pain relief success, and sometimes, even alleviate pain altogether.*Your pain is coming from a structure, your spine (right). This complex structure, when damaged or misaligned, will not stop causing pain until something is done to fix the problem. The basic structure of the spine is Vertebra (individual bones) cushioned in between by fibrous discs filled with fluid. These discs cushion the vertebra which are protecting the spinal cord that runs the length of the entire structure. You can see the red discs in between the vertebra displaying some of the injuries that occur. Some discs bulge, others are herniated (ruptured), and others are victims of old, degenerated bone.