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Cold Laser Therapy

We achieve superior results, non-surgically, with Class IV laser therapy using the Life Back Cold Laser. Controlled clinical studies have demonstrated cold laser therapy highly effective for healing tissue and relieving pain non-surgically when performed with a specific device calibrated to the proper power level.

Superior power, wavelength, and density of wave application make the Life Back Cold Laser the best of class instrument for therapeutic pain relief. After a worldwide search, Dr. Ben O’Dell, founder of Life Back Cold Laser utilizes the most advanced technology known today making the Life Back Cold Laser your best choice for laser WaveTherapy.

The word LASER is literally “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.” It is a safe, painless treatment called “photobiomodulation”, and used red, and near infrared light wavelengths delivering photons that provide many benefits to the body, including dramatic reduction of back pain through deep-tissue healing. Circulation improvement, inflammation reduction, and effective
pain resolution is the result of photons stimulating chain reactions inside the cells, where energy production to heal is dramatically increased.

Life Back Cold Laser WaveTherapyTM is effective to improve nerve function, heal wounds faster, accelerate tissue repair and stimulate cell growth. It is an anti-pain analgesic, and an anti-Inflammation treatment by nature. Please ask the doctor about “non-back” issues treatable with Life Back Cold Laser WaveTherapyTM.

We use a traditional 1-10 pain scale, with 10 indicating the worst pain. Most patients 50 years and younger respond best to treatment being pain free or at the 1-2 level after 25 treatments protocol. Patients older than 50 fall between pain free and level 4 based on variables such as severity of arthritis, general health, age, and disc damage. 10% of patients will not be candidates for our treatment. If we can’t help you we’ll tell you before we take you as a patient.