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New Patients

Your first visit to our office will result in action being taken to help resolve your pain. Each patient will have a different responses to their first visit. You will experience an Exam, followed by Decompression treatment, and the Life Back Cold Laser WaveTherapyTM. Decompression begins with a very light weight load to avoid causing inflammation or aggravation of existing injuries. Some patients may not feel high-level relief due to the low weight calibration on the table. Higher weight loads may be required to change disc structure, and be increased on your second visit for significant results. Laser results may be immediate, or take several visits before changes occur. Each case, patient, and body is unique, and all respond uniquely to treatment.

Some patients feel a little sore after the treatment and a very small percentage feel some pain after the treatment. If you have pain associated with your treatment it is due to one of two reasons:

• You have a recent injury with inflammation still present
• You have arthritis which is aggravated by the treatment

We expect some level of pain due to these natural conditions after your first visit. Decompression caused the vertebrae, muscles, and ligaments to move. If you do have pain with your first visit use ice for 15 minutes hourly reducing any inflammation aggravated by the treatment.

Results from the first visitRESULTS FROM THE FIRST VISIT
Most patients feel some relief after their very first visit. The following represents a breakdown of patient responses to the treatment:

1. 30% 50% Substantial pain Relief
2. 25% Totally pain Free
3. 15% Feel no change
4. 10% have increased pain or soreness

Those experiencing some pain are usually feeling aggravation of arthritis conditions or other types of inflammation possibly affected by the Decompression Table. The Life Back Cold Laser WaveTherapyTM treatment is completely painless, but may require several visits before pain relieve begins to occur. Every patient is different.