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“I was told that within a few years that I would be paralyzed and in a wheelchair due to a pinched nerve in my back”

My name is Art Allen and I am a very satisfied client. I am very happy and pleased to say that he has helped me out a great deal with my physical problems in my back, which has been quite painful for many years. I went to Mayo’s, pain clinics, many doctors had x-rays, and open MRI’s to try and solve the excruciating pain in my back. I was told that in a few years I would be paralyzed and in a wheelchair due to a pinched nerve in my back due to arthritis, etc

Without giving Dr. O’Dell much information on the first visit, he gave me a brief summary of what the problem was and what he could do to help improve the quality of my life, and the procedure he would use to improve the pain that has existed in my back for many years. But he warned me that this is an ongoing process that must be dealt with on a day-to-day basis. It is not an easy fix for such a serious problem.

I immediately started treatment and at first was skeptical of the outcome but am happy to say that time and patience has paid off in the long run. It is all due to the knowledge and experience of my doctor who took the time to explain to me in simple language what was going on and how he could help relieve my pain and strengthen my back. I am quite pleased with the progress and results so far and would recommend Dr. Ben O’Dell to family and friends for their health problems. He listens and takes each patient as an individual and really cares about helping get to the real core of the problem regarding health. Thank you Dr. O’Dell for your work as a Chiropractor and giving me the chance to extend the quality and length of my life!
-Art Allen

“Five stars to Dr. O’Dell”

To all, please stop ignoring the signs of spinal pain and masking all your stiffness, pains, and soreness with medication! I was in a car accident at twenty-five. I damaged my neck for life that is what I was told.    When I moved to this area, I did not know whom to go with. I saw Dr. O’Dell for a pinch pain in my back. First time on the table, I never had the pain again! WOW! I put my trust in him. Dr. O’Dell saved me from migraines and surgery in my right hand when they said it was nerve damage. I want everybody to hear my short version. God Bless Dr. O’Dell! I give him an A+!

“With just one treatment, I could sleep without waking up in pain!”

When I went to Dr. O’Dell for the first time, the pain in my back and leg was so bad, I couldn’t sleep at night. With just one treatment from him, I could sleep without waking up in pain! I am glad I came to see him and will continue to go for treatments. He has made a big difference in the way I feel!
-Libby Olson

“He has given me new hope for my knee and quality of life!”

After two months of intense physical therapy on my knee replacement, I had no improvement and there was no more my medical doctor or therapist could do. After a month at Life BackTM Cold Laser, I have new hope for my knee and getting back my quality of life.    Thank youLife BackTM Cold Laser in giving me faith that I can put my surgery behind me and go on with my life.
-Nancy Allen

“I have improved immensely!”

I had a stroke two years agoLife BackTM Cold Laser has helped me immensely with moving again and my body functions. I would recommend anyone suffering with spine, hip, and joint problems. You need to make a commitment to your health.
-L.B. from Nauvoo, 93 years old

“I had terrible back painnow I have none!”

They immediately were able to tell me what the problem was and started treating me. I felt so much better during my treatment plan that my husband decided to go. We are both pain free now.
-Donna Hubbard

“I can now pat my own back!”

Two months ago I felt miserable! I had a cold with the flu that wouldn’t go away, and C.O.P.D. I could not raise my arm up over my head for a year. Life BackTM Cold Laser started me on the road to feeling better from the inside. They treated my pain and helped me feel looser and stronger. I can now raise my arm up and I can even pat my own back! I am feeling better every day! Thank you!
-Glenda Lillard

“after the first day, I felt like the pain was ten times less than the day before!”

I had a disc causing me pain. I had severe swelling and the only procedure was to give the laser a shot. I started a treatment plan and after the first day, I felt like the pain was ten times less than the day before! After the treatment plan, I now feel ten years younger! He taught me how to properly stretch and strengthen my back at home.

“I can now walk completely around my house”

When I first went to Dr. O’Dell I could barely walk. When I did walk I was very bent over. It was very painful with every step I took. Now, three weeks later with LifeBack cold laser treatments, I can walk upright all the time. I can now walk completely around my house something I hadn’t been able to do for years. So far one round is all I’ve done, but I plan on doing it more often. I’ve been doing a little exercise every day to limber me up something I couldn’t do three weeks ago. Dr. O’Dell has helped me so much, I’m still amazed. He’s helped my outlook on life so much.    While I’ll never be completely painfree, I am very happy with the results he’s made in my life. Thank you so much Dr. O’Dell.
-Joan Young

“I was standing straight and walking better after first cold laser treatment”

I want to thank Dr. O’Dell for taking such good care of me during my recent back injury. When I showed up at his office after falling on my basement stairs, I couldn’t even stand up straight and could barely walk. After the first cold laser treatment I was standing straight. I continued to feel improvement after each of my cold laser treatments. He even worked with me on a pay- ment plan so that I could concentrate on getting better without worrying about financial difficulties. Thanks to Dr. O’Dell I’m now feeling better than ever. I would recommend his chiropractic and laser services to everyone.
-Carmen Jackson Nauvoo, Il

“Testimony of a 93 year old gentleman”

I’m a firm believer in the practice of chiropractic manipulation. I was hesitant about choosing another chiropractor after my regular doctor had retired. I waited for over a year to be treated and by this time the pain in my back and hip were almost
un- bearable. I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Ben O’Dell in Niota, Il.
I had a stroke two years ago and it affected the mobility in my right leg. The LifeBack Cold Laser treatments administered by Dr. O’Dell have improved my ability to get around better with my walker. I would recommend Dr. O’Dell to anyone who is suffering with spinal, hip, and joint problems so make a commitment for your better health.
-L.B. Nauvoo, IL

“Neck, Shoulder, and Hip Pain”

One day at work I must have twisted wrong because I put my neck, left shoulder and right hip way out of place. I couldn’t move my head or walk hardly at all. So I went to Dr. Ben O’Dell at Niota chiropractic, with his treatments and laser I can move my head better than ever in a long time. He has made my hip, shoulder and most of my whole being feel so much better. Thank you Dr. O’Dell.
-Doris Harman

“Protruding disc has kept me from everyday tasks”

The therapeutic cold laser has done wonders for me. I have had a protruding disc and sciatica for 3 years and this has kept me from doing everyday tasks. I tried numerous treatments and nothing worked for longer than a month. Now that Dr. Ben O’Dell has been using the cold laser on me I can do things that I have not been able to do in three years and my pain has decreased tremendously! I would highly recommend the laser treatments.
-Jody Kinney

“I never thought he would ever walk!”

Dr. O’Dell has done wonders for my grandson. I never thought he would ever walk let alone run. Dylan has been going to Dr O’Dell for over a year now. I cannot begin to thank him enough. He is very helpful with my family. Thank you.
-Sandy M. Cole